What’s Next

We believe that the Jani pad would not only be a better ecological alternative to the conventional disposable pad, but would also have an economical as well as social impact on the lives of many women.

Our next step is therefore to make our Jani concept into a Jani product. We are collaborating with the non-profit organisation Village Volunteers to first develop a business plan and thereafter look for financial support to help realise the project. (If you want to help us with the funding, you can make a donation to Village Volunteers here. Big or small, all contributions are appreciated!) In parallel, we will be looking into further development and analysis of materials.

Our aim is to start with a pilot production in Kenya. Low-cost sanitary protection is however not only an acknowledged need for women in Kenya, but also for women in general in developing countries. As water hyacinths exists in abundance in many parts of the world, we would thereafter like to examine how Jani and its production process can expand to other places.